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Michael F. Ryan

Highlights from Michael's "Life of the Mind" lecture


"He is a delightful speaker, charming, funny and stimulating. He enjoyed the questions and continued to speak to members of the audience well after he was finished signing books."

"Mike was wonderful! Informative, professional."

"Fast-paced, informative, fun and very well presented."

"Can't say enough good things!"

"Mike Ryan kept us laughing and everyone seemed to really enjoy our daylong session!"

"I learned a great deal, and had a great time doing it!"

"He was able to get the entire group engaged."


- Topics -

The Last Freedom

Find out the "last of the human freedoms," and how it can liberate you and help you find meaning in your life. Based on the incredible teachings of Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, Michael will turn today's self-obsessed self-help genre on its head and help turn you into your best self.

American Renaissance

No one else has captured America's problems and their solutions any better than this. Michael's "Top 10 Things Americans Must Do To Remain Great" set a clear and understandable agenda for the country, and has been a huge hit, especially with civic groups, veterans and POWs.

The New American Revolution

Politicians talk all the time about "taking back America." But they mean for themselves! Michael is talking about a new American Revolution in which the citizens take back the country - specifically by amending the Constitution to rein in the politicians who are spending us to oblivion. He will show you how we can mobilize at the state level - and tell you an amazing story about how one man has already done it.

Love Life

You were at your best as a child: curious, adventurous, trusting, open, excited and excitable. What happened?

Michael will show you what happened, and will teach you how to reconnect with the best part of you. You'll get more out of life, and life will get more out of you. Learn how to live urgently by loving more fully. By loving life like you never have before.

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