Michael F. Ryan

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When he came into the world on Dec. 8, 1957 ironically the feast of the Immaculate Conception Michael F. Ryan was the last of six Ryan boys in the Kansas City suburb of Prairie Village, Kan. They never asked his opinion. On anything.

Michael F. Ryan
Michael Ryan
He joined a fraternity at college, where he promptly began scrubbing the floors and walls. They never asked him his opinion. On anything.

He became a journalist in 1981, reporting for the small-town McPherson (Kan.) Sentinel, then the Topeka Capital-Journal. He reported what others thought and said. They never asked him his opinion. On anything.

Finally, in 1991, the floodgates opened. They made him an editorial writer. They asked his opinion!

And hes been giving it ever since, today as editorial page editor of the Augusta Chronicle in Augusta, Ga., where his department has won scads of awards (none for cleanliness) since his arrival in 2002.

When he found out people would also listen to his opinions, and intently at that, he began a speaking career that has delighted thousands, primarily English-speaking people.

Today, he writes, he speaks, he eats, he sleeps though not all at once and has just published his first book, The Last Freedom. Maybe youve heard of it, since youre on the Web site.

Anyway, its an exciting book and hes a funny guy and a gracious dinner guest and a terrific speaker and a very ordinary golfer. His turn-ons are moonlit walks on the beach, football, movies, red wine, prime rib and ocean. Lots of ocean. And more wine and prime rib. And more ocean.

Hey, hes from Kansas. He never saw water outside of a tub before.

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