The Last Freedom - A novel on the real-life adventure of Dr. Viktor Frankl
The Last Freedom
By Michael F. Ryan

Roger Murphy had it all. A great Marina District apartment, the best dog in the world and the most reviled and read newspaper column in San Francisco.

But as the very ground began to shake beneath him, he was at risk of losing it all - and found himself in a fight for his life.

Just as he stood at the precipice, Viktor Frankl entered his life and changed everything.

The Holocaust survivor and author of Man's Search for Meaning would share his harrowing experience in the Nazi death camps, his triumphant rise from the ashes - and the message that could deliver Roger from his own dilemma: Frankl's secret ...

... the last of the human freedoms.

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"... I found that I could not put the book down. ... Viktor Frankl would have loved your quips and self-irony, and would have valued your intentions highly. ..." - Prof. Dr. Franz Vesely, son-in-law of Dr. Viktor Frankl
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What they're saying about The Last Freedom

Video comments by Greg Kirby, Augusta, Ga.

"...He is a delightful speaker, charming, funny and stimulating. He enjoyed the questions and continued to speak to members of the audience well after he was finished signing books."
   - Leah Ronen, Executive Director, Augusta Jewish Federation

"What a great read. You have taken an extremely important book and made it more valuable and meaningful for a new group of readers. We are telling all of our clients that it is a must read book."
   - Eddie Huff, Augusta

"...I'm almost done with The Last Freedom, but can't wait to read it again already!"
   - Lynn Pounds Gilmore
I found that I could not put the book down. The gripping frame story, your dry and sometimes wry humor, as well as your intense earnestness are a perfect vehicle for what you want to convey. And I can tell you: Viktor Frankl would have loved your quips and self-irony, and would have valued your intentions highly.
   - Prof. Dr. Franz Vesely, son-in-law of Dr. Viktor Frankl

I LOVE historical novels. This work of love by Michael Ryan stands out as one of my all time favorites. Michael takes you on a journey of self discovery, guided by one of the least known but most significant men of the Twentieth Century, Dr. Viktor Frankl. Some how Michael takes you with his subject, Roger Murphy, as he is shown the a life altering truth by this great man. Michael's work is a most "can't lay it down" delightful read and will reveal to you "The Last Freedom".
   - Claude O'Donovan, Aiken, S.C.

"This is a great story of redemption. Roger becomes a fully conscious human being through his encounter with Frankl. His surroundings become animated and alive as a result. He no longer looks out for No. 1 - though, no one would dare call him a bad person. He is a good citizen, journalist, veteran, etc. But, he does have a transformation and this gives us all hope."
   - Paul A. Harris, Ph.D., University of Auburn

"The Last Freedom showcases Michael Ryan�s writing talents while showing us - through Viktor Frankl�s eyes - the power of the mind and how the way we perceive our circumstances helps us move beyond the victim role to the survivor role."
   - Sandra Owensby, Forest City, NC
"As assistant, colleague and friend to Dr. Frankl for over 20 years, I was amazed at how beautifully Michael Ryan brings the true message of Frankl to life in The Last Freedom."
   - Dr. Jay Levinson

"...As I read the book I actually felt the pain and also felt the love shared of so many characters. Once you've read it, you should want to share this story with others and see this come to life. After reading such a human sacrifice story, how could I ever view my life in any other way but happy."
   - Pat Goodwin, Augusta, Ga.

"People are in deep need of what you need to tell them, and I believe God (yes, God!) is using you and your book to help people."
   - Nancy Tompkins, Topeka, Kan.

"I just bought your book today at Barnes & Noble. I have to tell you I came home and started reading it right away. It was so good I didn't put it down until I finished it. I think that people who wouldn't necessarily seek out Dr.Frankl's books initially would read yours and then pursue the ideas further because of it. I will be very interested to read more from you in the future."
   - Colleen Hilton, Augusta, Ga.

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